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About Croatia
About Croatia

About Croatia 01

  • Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea just across from Italy.
  • Croatia is a republic, governed under a parliamentary system and a developed country with a high standard of living.
  • It is a member of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe, NATO, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and a founding member of the Union for the Mediterranean.
  • Croatia declared independence on June 25th 1991, however, the full implementation of the declaration only came into effect on October 8th 1991.
  • The majority of the total population of 4.28 million in Croatia are Croats, with the largest minorities being Serbs, Bosnians, Slovenians, Hungarians, Italians and Czechs.
  • Croatia's economy is dominated by the service and industrial sectors and agriculture. Tourism dominates the Croatian service sector and accounts for up to 20% of the Croatian GDP.
  • Croatia ranked among the top 20 most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  • Zagreb is the capital and represents the economic, transport, cultural and academic center of the country with more than eight hundred thousand inhabitants.
  • Croatia has no official religion. Freedom of religion is a right defined by the Constitution which also defines all religious communities as equal before the law and separated from the state.
  • The Croatian coast is a relief coast with 1,244 islands of which 50 are inhabited. The largest islands are Krk and Cres.

Why to invest in Croatia? 02

1. Tourists already know its value

Beautiful weather, with over 1,000 islands and 6,000 km of coastline along the crystal clear Adriatic Sea make Croatia one of the world’s best holiday destinations. In 2016, the number of global tourists reached 16.6 million. Croatia is committed to investing in tourism: it is expected that €7 billion will be invested in hotel construction and renovation, convention centres, campsites, nautical tourism harbours and theme parks by 2020. Tourism accounts for 12.5% of Croatia’s GDP, which indicates that tourism is one of the most lucrative Croatian industries to invest in.

2. The workforce is talented, affordable and multilingual

As English is often the preferred language for global investments, Croatia is worth a second look: 49% of the population speaks English, 34% speaks German and 14% Italian, making its population remarkably multilingual: a key factor for many businesses.

3. All of Europe is accessible within three hours or less

Three significant Pan-European corridors run through Croatia, connecting it to Western and Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean. Croatia’s geo-strategic location in Central and Southeast Europe, on the border between the east and west, as well as its location on the Adriatic Sea and especially its ports, make it highly appealing to the business market.

4. Its modern transportation infrastructure

Croatia is proud of its infrastructure. Its highways are modern and effective, its six primary seaports are ready to accept and send off global cargo shipments. Additionally, its nine international airports connect the country to the entire world.

5. The benefits of doing business from an EU Country

Businesses can import and export goods within the EU without restrictions, opening up the greater part of the European market with little effort.

6. There are few barriers to foreign investors

Unlike in many other countries, foreign investors can hold up to 100% interest in the shares of a Croatian company, with a few exceptions.

7. Croatia offers appealing tax incentives

A country’s tax structure often factors into a business’s decision to invest there or not. With up to 0% profit tax up to 10 years in designated free trade zones, no customs for all EU member states, double taxation avoidance agreements with 55 countries and cash incentives of up to €9,000 for each new job created, Croatia’s tax incentives are appealing to global businesses.

Why to invest in Croatia?

Cost competitive

Competitive operational costs in the European marketplace.

Return on investments

Over 15.000 foreign companies have chosen Croatia.


Attractive tax incentives, double taxation avoidance agreements with numerous countries and 0% customs within the EU.


All of Europe in 3 hours – with its strategic position Croatia is an ideal gateway to major markets.


Efficient, innovative, highly qualified and multilingual workforce committed to achievement.

Investment climate

Pro-business oriented environment encourages new investments and ensures stability.

Agency for investments and competitiveness

Professional assistance.

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Investing in Croatia 03

Foreign investors can acquire ownership and shares of joint stock companies. The lowest amount of initial capital for establishing a joint stock company is HRK 20,000 (2,600 EUR).

In order to accelerate and simplify the process of starting a business, the government of the Republic of Croatia has established service HITRO.HR accelerates the procedure, making the state administration more efficient, flexible and transparent, enabling the investor to establish a company within 8 working days.

Only four steps are required to start a business through HITRO.HR. In the process of starting a company, HITRO.HR staff will help you as an intermediary for delivering and collecting documents for company incorporation.

Step 1 - Choose name of the company

Step 2 - Notarization of documents

Step 3 - Submission of the documents and payment

Step 4 - Opening the account / e-Pension / e-Health / registering with the relevant Tax Authority

*For a detailed explanation about how to register your company, please visit

Facts and Figures 04

State: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Location: Central European and Mediterranean country
Croatia's territory covers 56,594 km2 (21,851 sq. mi)

Population: 4,437,460 inhabitants
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita: $ 25,295
Capital City: Zagreb
Largest Cities: Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar

Religion: Croatia has no official religion
Official language: Croatian
Other languages: English
State Holiday: October 8th, Independence Day
Phone Dial Code: +385
Currency: kuna (HRK)
Time Zone: GMT + 1
Climate: Meditation and Continental

Traffic Connection:

Zagreb-Doha daily direct Qatar Airways flights (two daily), duration of the flight is 5 hours and 20 minutes. Also, there are more indirect flight options with one stop with a combined duration of travel between 8 hours and 9 hours.

Doha-Zagreb daily direct Qatar Airways flights (two daily), duration of the flight is 5 hours and 55 minutes. Also, there are more indirect flight options with one stop with a combined duration of travel between 9 hours and 15 minutes and 12 hours and 15 minutes.

Facts and Figures Croatia

Useful Addresses in Croatia 05

Qatari Embassy in Zagreb,Croatia
+385 1 644 6644
+385 1 644 6646
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
+385 1 456 9964
+385 1 455 1795
Ministry of Defence
+385 1 456 7111
+385 1 456 8109
Ministry of Public Administration
+385 1 235 7555
+385 1 235 7601
Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts
+385 1 610 6111
+385 1 610 6107
Ministry of Finance
+385 1 459 1333
+385 1 492 2583
Ministry of the Interior
+385 1 612 2111
+385 1 612 2139
Ministry of Labour and the Pension System
+385 1 485 1853
+385 1 643 1628
Ministry of Agriculture
+385 1 610 6913
+385 1 610 9202
Ministry of Justice
+385 1 371 4000
+385 1 371 4507
Ministry of Health
+385 1 460 7555
+385 1 467 7076
Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
+38516400 600
+3851 6400 644
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
+385 1 616 9115
+385 1 616 9081
Ministry of State Property
+385 1 634 6286
Ministry of Environment and Energy
+385 1 371 7111
+385 1 371 7149
Ministry of Tourism
+385 1 616 9111
+385 1 616 9181
Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
+385 1 378 2444
+385 1 377 2822
Ministry of Science and Education
+385 1 456 9000
+385 1 459 4301
Ministry of Culture
+385 1 486 6666
Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy
+385 1 555 7111
+385 1 555 7222