18 business councils, chambers gather during Suhoor in Doha (12.04.2023.)

"Eighteen business councils and chambers of commerce in Qatar gathered recently at Raffles Doha to partake in a social Suhoor, in the presence of 14 ambassadors.
“We are pleased to gather during this holy month of Ramadan for a business community Suhoor,” said French Business Council executive Sandrine Lescaroux.
She said, “The size and success of this event is a testament to the thriving environment for business in Qatar.”
Addressing the 350 attendees on behalf of the organising chambers and councils, Dr Fariborz Samadian of the Swiss Business Council Qatar, said: “We will continue to organise joint events for the business community to be able to exchange.”
Samadian; Ilef Ajra, representative of AHK; and Caroline Adenberger from Advantage Austria, led the programme of events."